With each photograph, I try to tell an imaginative story to capture your unique and memorable moments in beautiful ways. I have been providing complete photography solutions for over 5 years with more than 200 happy customers. I have worked on award-winning creative campaigns for large and small businesses, families, and individuals across the U.S.
For these types of engagements, every situation will be different. This work is very detailed, both at the shoot and in post production. Just to give you a sense of the work involved: the Fire Chief with the firetruck took about 2 hours to set-up and photograph and produced about 20 images of the firetruck and motorcycle, and one of the chief. Those were used to develop the final image with about 3 hours in post production. Let's discuss how we use a beautiful vision to create amazing results!
I have lived in Highland Village, TX for over 28 years. Photography has allowed me to capture the moments of the worldwide travels of my life, to meet new, enthusiastic talent, and support community heroes with images that they and their families cherish.
From my prior 30-year professional career, I am a Registered Professional Engineer and a Certified Project Management Professional so you can rely on me to be on time, professional, have great attention to detail, knowledge of the technical and can solve problems!
Be sure to check out one of my projects at www.lightpainter.art
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